Lesser Spotted

Its been an interesting week. Visitors to the garden, socialising at our two meter long picnic table (I knew it was good to get the big one!), dog walking and finding lesser spotted stuff, finding a face covering that does not send me into panic mode, and doing a little painting and a LOT of digging out the buttercups where they forget that they have a dedicated meadow, and happily invade every inch of the new flower bed and rockery.

I struggled to paint today, torn between the desire to paint the wet, green leaves on the rain drenched silver birch, or to add paint to a sketch I was fiddling with. She is far from complete, but as she appeared, I was struck by the the word ‘fragility’ recurring in my mind. Like the orchids, we too are fragile entities, flourishing in the right climate and discovering our personal threshold when environment fails us. I left her alone after a while, and instead looked at some of the glorious work on #artistsupportpledge and the latest initiative called #inview.

And my favourite event was collecting work from the framer. I have anticipated seeing some of my work on paper framed for some time, and I have to say I am delighted. It is one thing to create a little painting on paper, another to decide it is worth the investment of framing. And it is an investment, because it suddenly make the work look ‘real’and suggests to the viewer a value that I could only imagine while I created the work. Next job is to hang them , or preferably sell them to someone who will treasure them.

Thought for today: I am not at the stage where I can detach myself from my work. Every piece that sells takes a little part of me with it. I imagine that the introspection, colour choices, and emotions that existed while a piece was painted, belong to the piece in an invisible way. So when it leaves to live with someone forever, it takes that little bubble of thoughts right along with it.

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