What happened to summer?

A week filled with chores, paperwork and admin. Trying to think about reopening the cafe and shop. Hanging my work but still need to do certificates of authenticity and labels. It’s this stuff that makes it a hard job, the small time consuming things that nobody notices. Does anyone get praised for what the back of the painting looks like?

Also dabbling with some software and thinking about round coasters.

There are so many digital print companies online, full of promises and seemingly good value. I ordered two sample mugs this week, and was very disappointed with the result of the one that did arrive. I can see that finding a great printer might take a while and a few discussions with customer service.

wild flowers from my garden

Painted some flowers today using inks that have been lying in wait for a while. Haven’t painted blooms for ages, so it was very relaxing. Wondering if I can sneak a studio day in tomorrow?

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