Switching focus

Our bakery and gallery shop have now reopened. This means that as the other half of the Isle of Skye Baking Company I am required to put my creative energy into baking for a little while. There is not much time left to paint, but it is a chance to see my work on the walls in the shop. And to my delight I have sold two pieces this month.

I painted Gin and cherries a few years ago. Its big, 1m x 1m, and very nearly didn’t have the heart to sell it. But it resonated with the lovely people who bought it, and I felt it was time for it to bring joy to someone else. It has a little story, as does every painting. For me it is about friendships, and the unspoken being as important as the spoken. Its about listening. And sharing. Also about memories that we carry with us that make us who we are today.

Liza Hawthorne original art
Kirk by the river

Delighted that Kirk by the river is making its way to from Skye to Devon. I am very aware that this collection of work has a specific audience, but I really love painting semi abstracted landscapes. The church is seen through the birch trees from my studio, and the River Tora runs between us. The style of painting is playful as I hope the audience will linger long enough to ‘see’ croft houses, sheds, hills, boats, maybe birds and rocks and fence posts.
I have three more long paintings similar about to go to the framers.

Liza Hawthorne original art
Water under the bridge
Liza Hawthorne original art
Buoys and buttercups
Liza Hawthorne original art
Along the burn

It makes a huge difference to see work well framed. Donald Budge, at Croft Studio, on the island, has been doing a sterling job.

Matching outfits

No post would be complete without a photo of the boy. This time harmonising with the duvet cover. Monochrome dreams

And lastly, while I cant start anything big, I have been playing about with pattern and a reduced palette. I find it hard because I want desperately to fling fluorescent orange into the mix, or scribble a bit with crayons. It’s an exercise in restraint. It might be short lived!!!
Other green excitement includes an abundance of wild angelica, and fresh green veggies – not together.

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